Your question: How many countries can I travel with Bulgarian passport?

As of 6 July 2021 Bulgarian citizens have visa-free or visa on arrival access to 174 countries and territories, ranking the Bulgarian passport 16th overall in terms of travel freedom according to the Henley & Partners Passport Index.

How many countries can I visit with Bulgarian passport?

There are currently a total of 134 Bulgaria passport visa-free countries, 38 Bulgaria visa-on-arrival countries, and 3 eTA destinations. Altogether, Bulgaria passport holders can enter a total of 175 destinations—either without a visa, through a visa on arrival, or via an eTA.

Where Bulgarians can travel without visa?

Visa-free travel for citizens of Bulgaria

  • Austria.
  • Cyprus.
  • Czech Republic.
  • Estonia.
  • Hungary.
  • Latvia.
  • Liechtenstein.
  • Lithuania.

Is the Bulgarian passport powerful?

According to the Global Index of the most powerful passports created by Arton Capital, the Bulgarian passport can be used for travel to 136 countries, including a visa-free travel to 97 countries, … Its passport allows free travel to 152 countries, including visa-free travel to 98 countries.

Can I go to Canada with Bulgarian passport?

Bulgarian nationals are eligible to apply for the Canadian Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) to enter Canada. The Canadian eTA is an online travel authorisation that grants multiple entries to Bulgarians for 5 years, each visit of an allowed duration of 6 months maximum.

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Does Bulgarian need visa for Canada?

Bulgaria is one of the lucky countries that does not have to obtain a visa to enter certain countries like Canada. However, the Canadian Government has imposed only one requirement for Bulgarian citizens to enter Canada obtaining an ETA. This permit has the facility for travelers to process and obtains it online.

Can I travel to USA with Bulgarian passport?

Currently, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Romania are the last EU countries, the nationals of which need a visa to travel to the US for tourism and business, after the US added Croatia to its Visa Waiver Programme. … Generally, one ESTA authorization is valid for multiple entries into the US for a period of two years.

Does Bulgaria need visa for UK?

Bulgarian citizens can travel to the UK with identity card and / or passport. As an exception one can enter the UK with a temporary passport issued by a Bulgarian diplomatic mission abroad.

Can Bulgarians work in Germany?

Foreign students who are citizens of an EU/EEA state (except: Bulgaria and Romania) or Switzerland can work in Germany without restriction. Students from the new EU member states Bulgaria and Romania, and from third-party states, may work for a maximum of 120 days or 240 half days a year.

Do Bulgarian citizens need visa for Dubai?

United Arab Emirates tourist visa is not required for citizens of Bulgaria for a stay up to 90 days. Tourists all need a visa.

Can Bulgarians work in USA?

What is a U.S. R B1/B2 visa? The United States Visa Type B1/B2 or B-1/B-2 is a temporary, nonimmigration visa that allows citizens of Bulgaria to conduct business and tourism to happen without worrying about two separate visas.

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Can I live in Germany with Bulgarian passport?

There are no restrictions on EU citizens moving to Germany; they can move with just their passport.

Can Bulgarians work in EU?

From today, Bulgarian and Romanian citizens are able to fully exercise their right to work in all EU countries without a work permit. … This right is one of the most cherished by Europeans, with over 14 million of them studying, working or retiring in another Member State.

Can Bulgarians live in the UK?

All Bulgarian nationals residing in the UK need to apply either for a “pre-settled status” or for a “settled status” under the EU Settlement Scheme in order to be entitled to stay in the UK for more than 3 months. … This temporary status allows the individual to live and work in the UK for a period of up to five years.

Where can I go with Bulgarian passport?

Visa requirements

Country Visa requirement Allowed stay
Austria Freedom of movement Freedom of movement ID card valid
Azerbaijan eVisa 30 days
Bahamas Visa not required 3 months
Bahrain eVisa / Visa on arrival 14 days

How many Bulgarians are in Canada?

Bulgarian Canadians (Bulgarian: канадски българи, kanadski balgari) are Canadian citizens or residents from Bulgaria or people of Bulgarian descent. According to the 2016 Census there were 34,560 Canadians who claimed Bulgarian ancestry, an increase compared to the 27,260 of the 2006 Census.