Best answer: Is the Warner Brothers Deluxe tour worth it?

In conclusion, the “deluxe” tour does not deliver and is a waste of money. If you want about 5 hours of studio time my recommendation is to take the $48 “VIP” tour (it’s great and well worth the money) and then go over to Paramount for their $40 tour. You’ll save $137 per person and you’ll see about as much as we did.

Is the deluxe Harry Potter tour worth it?

Excellent, worth the visit. This is a must for any Harry Potter fan, the sets are amazing and the staff are very helpful. There are photo opportunities where you can ride a broom. There is a large gift shop and several places to eat.

How much is the deluxe tour for Warner Brothers?

Depending on which tour you take, the cost will run between $69 – $79 per adult or $59 – $69 per child, though there is a deluxe tour for $295/person. There are currently three tours you can take, each with a different focus.

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Which Harry Potter tour is the best?

Press Mentions

  • The Harry Potter Walking Tour for Muggles in London claims the top spot in the Tripadvisor UK ranking of the best travel experiences. …
  • Taking the top spot on Tripadvisor’s list is Tour for Muggles, a tour company that takes fans on a magical walking tour of London. …
  • 15 Best Walking Tours in London.

What is the Harry Potter Deluxe Tour?

Your Deluxe ticket includes a two hour guided tour surrounded by the authentic sets, props and costumes, where you will learn the behind-the-scenes secrets at the studios where it all began.

Is Harry Potter tour scary?

No, the studio tour is not scary. If the 3 year old doesn’t know anything about Harry Potter, she might be a bit bored, but she might like seeing the props and the sets. If she has seen at least part of the first movie, she’ll probably have fun recognizing all the things from the movies.

How much is Butterbeer at Harry Potter World UK?

Butterbeer is not alcoholic (and neither is the ice cream)

It costs £3.95 per cup, but if you want to it served in a souvenir tankard it will set you back £6.95. Alternatively, you can also purchase Butterbeer ice cream, which is available in a crispy cone or souvenir sundae dish.

What do you see on the Warner Brothers tour?

During their Studio Tour, guests will explore the legendary 110-acre studio with a rare look inside many of the film’s production and backlot areas, such as the famed Midwest Street – the studio’s largest backlot set has appeared in nearly 400 movies and shows, including Rebel Without a Cause, The Music Man, Gremlins, …

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How long does the Warner Bros studio tour last?

The average visit to the Studio Tour lasts approximately three and a half hours, although there is no limit imposed on your time at the attraction.

How long is the Warner Brothers tour?

How long does the tour last? Answer: You can expect the total Studio Tour experience, including the guided portion and self-guided areas to last about 3 hours. You will spend about 1hr 15 min with your guide and the remainder will be self-paced.

Is Warner Bros tour good?

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour scores high marks for being well-organized, efficient, and offering enough glimpses into Hollywood production to make it worth your time and money. It doesn’t have quite the ‘insider’ vibe as the Sony tour, but it makes up for this in terms of polish and solid substance.

Is Harry Potter world in Hollywood the same as Orlando?

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter:

Orlando has two Wizarding World lands — Hogsmeade Village and Diagon Alley — connected by the Hogwarts Express train, while Hollywood has only Hogsmeade with the iconic Hogwarts castle (and plenty of Butterbeer, of course).

How much does it cost to visit Harry Potter World?

If you simply wish to spend a two mornings seeing Harry Potter–one at Hogsmeade and one at Diagon Alley, two day tickets per person to enter Universal cost on the Universal Orlando website about $135 (after tax) per person between 3 and 10, and $145 per person ten and older. Kids younger than 3 enter the park for free.

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Is the Harry Potter studio tour guided?

How Long Does the Harry Potter Studio Tour take? The regular tour itself is self-guided, other than an introduction at the beginning, so you can take as long as you like to wander the studios.

Is Harry Potter tour guided?

After this, the tour is self-guided and you are left to explore the rest of the tour in your own time. Some parts of the tour display props and costumes and others are the real sets.

What is included in the Harry Potter tour?

As a Studio Tour, you will see the real sets used in the Harry Potter films, as well as countless props and special effects. You will spend several hours discovering how the films were made, going ‘behind the scenes’, seeing props, costumes and the amazing sets themselves.