How do you post traveling to and from on Facebook?

The “traveling to” option is found within the activity and emotion sharing smiley-face button on the Facebook status composer on both web and mobile. One you select it, you can choose a destination city, but not a departure and return time. Facebook will then append “traveling to Boston” with a little plane icon.

How do you write travel status?

Read Best Whatsapp Status on travel

  1. The world is a book who still not travel didn’t read one page of it.
  2. We travel not escape life but love to enjoy adventurous things.
  3. Travel does well.
  4. Travel is the only thing that you buy to make you richer.
  5. Someday I am going to travel the world.

What happened to Facebook travel map?

Please note, the Travel Map app is currently not being actively developed on Facebook. You can however access all your trips and add new journeys on Travellerspoint directly.

How an itinerary or tour can be placed on Facebook?

Explanation: Click on you Facebook Page Settings. Click on select Edit Page. Drag and drop the Virtual Tour tab to the position you want it showing in the menu.

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How do I create an itinerary on Facebook?


  1. On the top of your News Feed, click “What’s on your mind?”
  2. Click the smiley face icon and scroll down to select “Traveling To”
  3. Type in the city that you are traveling to.
  4. Click “Post”

How do I change the travel icon on Facebook?

To access it, click on the “What’s on your mind” section to unveil the more specific options one can use in the field. Click on the smiley face icon to bring up the drop-down list for the “What are you doing?” section, and either type in “traveling to” or select it from the presented options.

How do I share a Google Map route on Facebook?

How to Share a Location in Google Maps to Facebook

  1. Go to the App Store, tap the Updates tab, and Update Google Maps.
  2. Open Google Maps, find a location you want to share, and click on the bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap on the three dots button at the top right of the screen.
  4. Tap Share.

Why do we travel quotes?

Short Travel Quotes

  • “Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets” ~ Oscar Wilde. …
  • “We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.” …
  • “People don’t take trips, trips take people.” ~ John Steinbeck. …
  • “Don’t listen to what they say, go see” ~ Chinese Proverb. …
  • “Don’t Quit Your Day Dream”

What to say to a friend who is traveling?

Creative ways to say have a safe flight

  • Wishing you a relaxing time in the sky.
  • Wishing you a safe and joyful journey ahead.
  • Enjoy the trip!
  • Enjoy the trip! See you next fall!
  • Have a blast and don’t enjoy it too much!
  • Looking forward to hearing about your trip!
  • I hope you have smooth skies!
  • Bon Voyage!
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How do you say safe travel?

If you’re looking for other ways to say, “Safe travels,” then check out this list of examples:

  1. Have a safe trip!
  2. Wishing you an excellent vacation!
  3. Hope the trip goes smoothly!
  4. Have a nice flight/drive/ride!
  5. Bon voyage!

Can you check in on Facebook without being there?

Places allows Facebook users to “check in” wherever they are (or pretend to be) using a mobile device, and let’s their friends know where they are at the moment. … While Places is largely an opt-in service — one needs to install and use it on a mobile device — anyone can be “checked-in” to any place by a friend.