How does AITO help tour operators?

You can find out if a tour company is registered with the Association of Independent Tour Operators by accessing the members page on their website. Booking with an AITO member assures that you will receive excellent customer service, expert knowledge, and a holiday that comes with full financial protection.

What does AITO do for tour operators?

AITO has over 40 years’ experience in upholding travel industry standards at the highest level. Its members are unique, specialist UK travel companies, who provide an unrivalled range of holidays to every corner of the world.

What are the benefits of AITO?

Known Financial Reliability: Membership entails stringent financial criteria. Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Regular business-to-business contact at General Meetings, Annual Overseas Conference and via online intranets/forums. Sustainable Tourism: A proactive voice in the debate about sustainable tourism.

What are the advantages of using a tour operator?

Among the advantages of making a trip through a tour operator, there is another privilege, much appreciated by the tourist: that of easy access to the most in-demand tourist attractions. Usually tour operators have arrangements which allow the client easy and quick access to the most popular tourist attractions.

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What does AITO mean travel and tourism?

AITO – The Association of Independent Tour Operators represents around 160 of the UK’s top specialist tour operators. AITO tour operators are independent companies who are mostly owner managed. AITO members are enthusiastic specialists – Experts within a particular sphere of holiday or destination.

Why are independent tour operators important?

The Association of Independent Tour Operators, abbreviated as AITO, is a travel industry trade group (like ABTA or ATOL) based in Britain. … These tour operators provide access to a huge range of activities including city breaks, safaris, luxury holidays and much more.

What are tour operators?

A Tour Operator is a person or company that thinks up ideas for holidays, researches the ideas, designs the holiday itinerary and content, contracts the services needed for the holiday, accommodation, transport, guides, tour leaders or resort reps etc and then markets the resultant package.

What does Aito stand for?

The Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO), operating as AITO – The Specialist Travel Association, is a British-based travel industry trade group established in 1976 that represents around 120 specialist and independent tour operators.

How many specialist tour operators are there?

There are approximately 600 UK-based tour operators.

What services do independent travel agents offer?

Travel agents offer a wide range of products and services, they fall under eight categories: information on holidays and travel, booking traditional package holidays, booking a tailor-made holiday or a dynamic package holiday, ancillary services/sale, booking flights – Scheduled and charter and booking accommodation.

Is it beneficial to use a travel agent?

Younger travelers who are tech-savvy and aren’t seasoned travelers want to connect with experienced agents, he explains. And the demand for agents doesn’t seem to be just a passing fad.

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What are the benefits of using a travel agent compared to the Internet?

Why use a travel agent instead of booking online? Simply put, you’ll have a better trip, without the stress of planning your trip alone. A travel agent can accommodate your interests, budget and time frame with their wealth of knowledge and expertise to make sure that you get the most out of your trip.

What is an integrated tour operator?

Tour operators have bought or created airlines, hotels and travel agencies. This means they own all the different components in the chain of distribution and are able to control the whole operation.

How do you pronounce Aito?

The name Aito can pronounced as “A-EE-toh” in text or letters.

What is a specialist tour operator?

Specialist tour operators are responsible for bringing together each and every component that comprises the complete travel package. … Securing reservations, organising air travel, booking transfers, providing accommodation and so on – all requiring equal care and attention.