How many people travel in train in India daily?

Overall, the railway network transported over 22 million passengers every day. Over one billion metric tons of freight was carried across India in 2020. The country had over nine thousand freight trains in operation that amounted for a daily freight transport volume of over three million metric tons as of March 2020.

How many people take the train per day?

On an average day, nearly 85,700 passengers ride more than 300 Amtrak trains. Amtrak operates a nationwide rail network, serving more than 500 destinations in 46 states, the District of Columbia and three Canadian provinces, on more than 21,300 miles of routes.

How many passengers travel in a train in India?

In the fiscal year ending March 2020, Indian Railways carried 808.6 crore (8.086 billion) passengers and transported 121.23 crore (1.2123 billion) tonnes of freight. It runs 1 lakh (100,000) passenger trains daily, on both long-distance and suburban routes, covering 7,325 stations across India.

How many people travel train?

In 2019, passengers traveled around 26.85 billion passenger kilometers on railways in North and South America. This constitutes less than one percent of the passenger kilometers traveled by rail worldwide that year.

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How many people travel in local per day?

Mumbai’s local rail network is the busiest commuter train system in the world; with 7.5 million people using the trains to commute daily, it is no surprise that overcrowding, here, reaches epic proportions.

How many trains are in India?

Indian Railways is among the world’s largest rail network, and its route length network is spread over 67,956 kms, with 13,169 passenger trains and 8,479 freight trains, plying 23 million travellers and 3 million tonnes (MT) of freight daily from 7,349 stations.

How many people travel by rail each year?

Every year, 1.8 billion people travel by rail – and every day millions of passenger journeys start, end or pass through the stations we manage.

How many trains are running in India today?

The Indian Railways is currently running 1,490 mail and express trains, 5,397 suburban train services, and 947 passenger trains, including MEMU (mainline electric multiple unit), DMU (diesel multiple unit) and EMU (electric multiple unit). “As of now, no State government has asked us to stop trains.

How many people travel in local trains in Mumbai?

Around 2.2 million passengers travel by local trains daily on the Central Railway and 1.3 million passengers on the Western Railway this month, as opposed to nearly 1.5 million passengers in August on Central Railway and 1.1 million passengers on the Western Railway.

Is Indian Railway in profit?

Indian Railways with its ongoing transformative initiatives will be “highly profitable” in the coming five to six years, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said on Thursday. The minister exuded confidence that the national transporter will have a “superb” business proposition in the coming years.

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Which country has most railway?


Rank Country Data year
1 United States 2017
2 China 2020
3 Russia 2019
4 India 2021

Which countries have no railway?

Countries Without a Railway Network

  • Andorra. Andorra is the 11th smallest nation by population and the 16th tiniest by land. …
  • Bhutan. Bhutan is one of the smallest land-locked nations located in South Asia. …
  • Cyprus. …
  • East Timor. …
  • Guinea-Bissau. …
  • Iceland. …
  • Kuwait. …
  • Libya.

How many people travel in Mumbai Metro in a day?

Mumbai Metro

Daily ridership 4,50,000 (daily average, Jan 2019)
Annual ridership 12.6 crore (126 million)
Chief executive Nikhil Prabhakar Meshram
Headquarters Mumbai

What is the length of train coach?

An average coach length will be around 25 meters, hence in 650 meters 24 coaches and an engine can be accommodated comfortably. Hence passenger trains can have maximum 24 coaches.

When did railway started in India?

The formal inauguration ceremony was performed on 16th April 1853, when 14 railway carriages carrying about 400 guests left Bori Bunder at 3.30 pm “amidst the loud applause of a vast multitude and to the salute of 21 guns.” The first passenger train steamed out of Howrah station destined for Hooghly, a distance of 24 …