How will the water crisis affect tourism in Cape Town?

The study found that the drought led to a severe decline in tourist arrivals at the major tourist attractions in the Western Cape province as well as a decline in tourist spending and hotel occupancy. This resulted in a loss of potential revenue and jobs.

How does tourism affect Cape Town?

Tourism is an important economic sector to Cape Town, and South Africa at large. The Western Cape attracted around 1.7 million international tourists in 2018 and generated R16. 3 billion (about US$985 million) in foreign spending in 2019.

How does drought affect tourism industry?

Drought can have far-reaching impacts on recreation and tourism, including reduced availability of outdoor recreation activities (e.g., skiing), decreased visitation due to perceptions of drought, and loss of revenue to businesses, communities, and government agencies.

How does the water crisis affect South Africa?

Some of the challenges affecting our water include the amount available, the unequal distribution and access to clean water, the quality and state of water infrastructure, droughts causing towns to run dry and corruption that has affected municipal treatment plants, resulting in sewage flows into streets, rivers and …

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How does tourism affect water supply?

Nowadays, tourism absorbs 1% of the global consumption of water. … This consumption tends to increase and may reach 2000 litres per day in areas located in the tropical belt, and in hotel terms it can reach 3423 litres per day and room, according to data of the UNWTO.

How will the impact of water scarcity affect the poor?

However, water scarcity leads to declining water quality and pollution, which has an especially adverse impact on the poor. Many (perhaps most) of the poorest people in developing countries are forced to drink water that is unfit for human consumption. They suffer from a range of skin related and other health problems.

How Did drought affect Cape Town?

Meteorological droughts, or rainfall deficits, like the one that affected Cape Town have high societal and economic impacts. According to estimates, lower crop yields from the “Day Zero” drought caused an economic loss of about $400 million, in addition to tens of thousands of jobs.

How does drought in Cape Town affect the economy?

The drought has led to job losses in the province’s agriculture sector. The 2017 third quarterly labour force survey showed that approximately 25,000 jobs were lost from the agricultural sector nationally. More than 20 000 of these were lost in the Western Cape province.

How does climate change affect tourism in South Africa?

But climate change could place the country’s booming tourism sector – which contributes more than R100 billion to the GDP each year – at risk. … In one province, the Eastern Cape, sea levels will rise so much by 2050 that properties in popular tourist haunts might be flooded if adaptation measures are not implemented.

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How does climate change affect tourism industry?

The impact on tourism

Important market changes could result. Seaside tourism seems likely to suffer damage from most of the effects of climate change, notably beach erosion, higher sea levels, greater damage from sea surges and storms, and reduced water supply.

How will the water crisis affect tourism in South Africa?

The study found that the drought led to a severe decline in tourist arrivals at the major tourist attractions in the Western Cape province as well as a decline in tourist spending and hotel occupancy. This resulted in a loss of potential revenue and jobs.

Why is water scarcity an issue in Cape Town?

Climate change has caused a decrease in rainfall and an increase in warmer temperatures which have resulted in water scarcity across the country.

How did the Cape Town water crisis happen?

It could happen to you too. The Cape Town crisis stems from a combination of poor planning, three years of drought and spectacularly bad crisis management. The city’s outdated water infrastructure has long struggled to keep up with the burgeoning population.

What are the issues surrounding water availability in tourism and hospitality development?


The tourism industry generally overuses water resources for hotels, swimming pools, golf courses and personal use of water by tourists. This can result in water shortages and degradation of water supplies, as well as generating a greater volume of waste water.

What is meant by water tourism?

Nautical tourism, also called water tourism, is tourism that combines sailing and boating with vacation and holiday activities.

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What does water stressed areas mean?

HelpCenter Definition. Water stress occurs when the demand for water exceeds the available amount during a certain period or when poor quality restricts its use. Water stress causes deterioration of fresh water resources in terms of quantity (aquifer over-exploitation, dry rivers, etc.)