In which season do the foreign tourists visit Goa?

The pleasant weather during the winter season makes it the best time to visit Goa. Tourists start pouring in, owing to the agreeable weather that kicks off the high season.

Which month do foreigners visit Goa?

Mid-June to October: Mid-June to October is the time when the rains hit the beautiful Goa. There are parties across the length and breadth of Goa to welcome the rains. If you love the monsoon and the lush green countryside that the rain Gods turn Goa into, July to September is a great time to visit.

Is foreign tourist allowed in Goa?

Goa will receive charter flights from Russia and the United Kingdom from November as India opens the door to foreign tourists. … Russia is the biggest source market for Goa tourism and in pre-Covid times the state would receive four to five daily flights from Russia during the winter months.

How many foreigners visit Goa each year?

In 2019, the domestic tourists arriving to the state of Goa accounted for approximately 7.1 million, while the foreign tourist arrivals accounted for over 0.9 million.

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Why do tourists visit Goa in winter?

Winter is the peak tourist season in Goa. This is when visitors from around the world flock in to work on their tans. Goa’s mild winters offer the perfect weather to lounge around on the beach without catching a cold or being burnt by a fierce sun.

Can we visit Goa in March?

As the driest month of the year and with average temperatures of 30°C, a trip to Goa in March is one of the best times to visit India’s sunshine state. It’s the perfect month for topping up your tan as there are 11 hours of sunshine, and if you want to go out and explore instead, you’re guaranteed the weather to do it.

Is it good time to visit Goa in April?

April is officially the summer season in India and Goa. … But it’s still good to visit Goa this month, just make sure that you avoid direct sunlight exposure when the sun is at its hottest. The average highs are about the same as March, but the average low temperature is higher, so April is generally a hotter month.

Is Goa open for tourism in September 2021?

“Goa is ready to start tourism and is open to welcome tourists. … Goa’s charter season kickstarts in September-October and winds up by May-end, bringing in about 2.5 lakh travellers. The state receives around 8-9 lakh international travellers, mostly comprising free independent travellers.

Why do foreigners come to Goa?

Another reason of the foreign tourists visiting Goa is because it is very reasonable here compared to other states, thus we see thousands of tourists having the good time of their life in Goa. Foreigners relate Goa to the exotic place of Hawaii, although, the currency there is high compared to India.

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Why is Goa tourism declining?

Tourism activity has virtually ground to a halt in Goa, with the onset of the second Covid wave which has resulted in an unprecedented number of infections as well as a steep spike in deaths linked to the deadly virus. The state’s Covid statistics have, however, reported a decline over the last fortnight.

How many tourists visited Goa in 2016?

“The state received 63.31 lakh tourists in 2016 which comprised 56.50 lakh domestic and 06.81 lakh foreigners compared to total 52.98 lakh visitors during 2015,” it added. “There is a growth of 19.50 per cent in tourist arrivals during 2016 as compared to 2015,” the survey said.

How is Goa in July?

The Goa weather in July is cooler than the summer, because we are at the middle of the monsoon season now. The monsoon usually hits Goa in early June, so by July it is raining heavily. In fact, usually, July is the wettest month in Goa. It often rains every day, and sometimes, it can rain for several hours.

Is Goa cold in January?

The Weather – January is the coldest month of the year in Goa. But it never gets too cold, even after dark. It is always pleasant. January is also the driest month of the year.

Can we visit Goa in January?

Weather is perfect!

While Goa gets very hot during most months of the year, January is not one of those month. The weather in Goa during January is extremely pleasant, romantic even. It is perfect for those romantic beach walks, soothing bike rides and rejuvenating sunsets.

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