Question: Why do people pronounce tour differently?

Mostly the reason is regional accents. It simply depends on where its being said. In some Southern states it can be pronounced quite differently, Eastern states as well.

Is Tour pronounced like Tore?

In other words, “tore” and “tour” are homophones for these people.

Is tour one or two syllables?

Wondering why tour is 1 syllable? Contact Us!

Why do people pronounce tour like Tore?

It’s actually an Irish thing — the at the end of a word is very soft, almost like an or a soft

, so “heat” becomes more like “heath” and it’s basically from Gaelic pronounciation. The main groups in Britain who speak like that are areas like Liverpool with populations who originally came from Ireland.

Is Tour a French word?

From Old French tour, tourn, from the verb torner, tourner.

How do the British pronounce flour?

Because ‘fla’ or ‘flah’ is an evolution from the colonial British ‘FLA-uh’, which would be the common pronunciation of many of the British colonials living in British Malaya. I still pronounce ‘flour’ as ‘FLA-uh’, ‘power’ as ‘PAH-uh’ and ‘prayer’ as ‘PRAE-uh’, with a quick gloss over the diphthong.

How many syllables are in trips?

Wondering why trips is 1 syllable?

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