Which Contiki Europe tour is the best?

The Greek Island-hopping tour is Contiki’s most popular European tour and for good reason! You start with 2 days in Athens exploring all the historic city has to offer.

Which Contiki tour is best?

Best Contiki Tours

  • European Discovery. Countries Visited: England, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Vatican City. Tour Length: 12 days. …
  • Simply Italy. Countries Visited: Italy, Vatican City. Tour Length: 12 days. …
  • Ireland. Countries Visited: Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland. Tour Length: 8 days.

Do people hook up on Contiki tours?

If you’re going on contiki and you want to hook up, you definitely can. But, if you don’t want to, there’s no pressure. There were people on the tour who had partners at home and remained faithful and there were people who preferred to kiss the locals at nightclubs instead of getting involved with people on the tour.

Is Contiki just about partying?

Contiki is not a party tour. It is a professionally guided group tour aimed at the 18-35-year-old traveler.

Is Topdeck or Contiki better?

Last-minute deals: On an average, we found Topdeck offers better last-minute deals than Contiki. Most deals on Topdeck have a 30% discount while the average discount on Contiki is around 15-20%.

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Can you go on Contiki if you are over 35?

Can you go on Contiki if you are over 35? Unfortunately no. Contiki only accommodates travelers aged 18-35 years for their trips. Even their tours primarily cater to the young crowd with more emphasis on partying, nightlife, and socializing.

Are Intrepid Tours good?

Intrepid Travel is well-reviewed across many of the major review sites. Most recently, many customers have taken to these sites to negatively review Intrepid’s cancellation and refund policy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. But overall, the actual tours are highly reviewed.

Can you do Contiki alone?

Nervous about travelling alone? … You can go it alone while still travelling alongside young, adventurous, like-minded people from all over the world. Travel solo with Contiki and you’ll never need to pay a single supplement – we’ll buddy you up with a roommate so you can travel solo, at no extra cost.

Is Contiki an Australian company?

Contiki is a tour company that caters to 18- to 35-year-olds. It operates tours in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Contiki Tours.

Type Privately held company
Industry Travel Tourism
Founded 1962 in New Zealand
Founder John Anderson
Headquarters Anaheim, California, US

How old is Contiki?

I think Contiki is an excellent tour company for someone who is nervous to travel solo for the first time, or maybe someone who is looking to just have a good time and make some friends.

How big is Contiki?

Trips with 30+ people

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Our classic Contiki trips are more than 30 people, with a max of 53 and an average of about 45, depending on the season and trip.

Does Contiki bus have WIFI?

DO CONTIKI COACHES HAVE WIFI? They sure do. All of our coaches offer free WiFi to keep you up to date whilst on the road. However, this isn’t unlimited, so save any heavy internet usage (watching videos etc.)

How many Contiki trips does Europe have?

Discover a new way to travel. Summer gets the limelight, but Europe shines all year round. History, epic eats, beaches, amazing cities and adventure activities are yours to explore throughout 41 amazing and unique countries. From Iceland to Greece and Portugal to Denmark, discover how we do Europe.

What makes Contiki special?

Contiki is for young people who want to see everything and go everywhere without the stress, hassle or surprise expenses that travelling can often incur. Not to mention the added benefit of discounted shows and entry fees that you get on a Contiki. Well worth every penny!

Does Topdeck have an age limit?

Group size, age requirements and travel styles

Topdeck offers tours for travellers up to 39 years old. Topdeck’s average group size ranges between 20-48 individuals depending on the tour. Their travel styles differ slightly based on the accommodation style, destination and tour highlights.