Which has maximum interparticle attraction?

As far as the maximum intermolecular force of attraction is concerned, it’s found in solids. Therefore the substances are rigid and do not imbibe flexible shape like liquid. Minimum space is found in solids due to string attractive force.

Which has minimum space between particles?

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Among all forms of matter, solid state has minimum space between the particles. The reason behind this is that the force of attraction between the particles is highest which keeps the particles packed thus creating minimum space between them.

Which particle has maximum movement?

The maximum movement of particles is observed in the case of “gases”, whereas the maximum intermolecular attractions and minimum spaces between particles are ideal properties of “solids”.

Why do gases have maximum interparticle space?

Explanation:The particles of matter are in continuous motion and hence generate kinetic energy by moving continuously. … The inter-particle space is maximum in gases which also results in less interparticle attraction in molecules of gas. Since the attraction is very less, the energy possessed is very large.

Which of the following has maximum space between its particles *?

Therefore the particles of nitrogen gas have maximum inter-molecular spaces among them.

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Which state has maximum tendency for diffusion?

The distance between the particles is more in gases than liquids which results in fast diffusion in gases than liquids. So the kinetic energy is more in gases particles so the diffusion in gases is more quicker than in liquid.

Which has maximum compressibility?

Gases have the highest compressibility. Air has more intermolecular spaces compared with water and solids as well as in the gaseous medium.

Which has the maximum intermolecular space a gas a liquid or a solid?

Intermolecular space is the space between two molecule or atom. In solids it is very little, in liquids is more the solids but less than liquids and in gases its the maximum.

Which of the following is highly compressible?

Therefore, gases are highly compressible because of the weak intermolecular forces of attraction between the gas molecules and a lot of empty space present between the gas molecules.