Which state of matter has the weakest attractive forces between its molecules?

The Intermolecular force is strongest in solids and weakest in gases.

What state of matter has the weakest attractive force?

Forces of attraction are weakest in a gaseous state.

What state of matter has the weakest force between particles?

Solid. The gaseous state has weakest intermolecular forces of attraction and so their molecules are away from each other.

What is the weakest force of attraction between molecules?

London Dispersion Forces. The London dispersion force is the weakest intermolecular force. The London dispersion force is a temporary attractive force that results when the electrons in two adjacent atoms occupy positions that make the atoms form temporary dipoles.

What is the weakest state of matter?

The Intermolecular force is strongest in solids and weakest in gases.

Which state has the strongest forces of attraction?

As the temperature continues to drop, the matter forms a solid. Due to the solid’s low kinetic energy, particles have no “time” to move around, the particles have more “time” to be attracted. Therefore, solids have the strongest intramolecular forces (because they have the strongest attraction).

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What causes the attractive forces between particles in matter?

The particles that make up some matter are close together and vibrate back and forth. … If the motion of particles slows the particles move closer together. This is because the attraction between them pulls them toward each other. Strong attractive forces hold particles close together.

Which attractive force is the weakest force between molecules quizlet?

Dipole-dipole attractive forces between the positive end of one polar molecule and the negative end of another polar molecule. London dispersion forces are the weakest intermolecular force.

Which of the intermolecular forces below occurs between polar molecules?

Dipole-dipole forces are the attractive forces that occur between polar molecules.

Why intermolecular forces are weaker than intramolecular forces?

Re: Intra vs Intermolecular forces

Intramolecular forces are stronger than intermolecular forces, because the attractions that hold compounds together are stronger than the attractions between molecules.