Are Topdeck tours worth it?

Topdeck is a brilliant way to travel ‘alone’ but still give you that safety net. The coaches were really comfortable, everyone goes on the trip intending to get along. You get a synopsis of where you’re going from your tour leader and some optional activities. I highly recommend.”

Is Topdeck legit?

Topdeck reviews

On tourradar, Topdeck has a rating of 4.6/5 stars spread out over more than 4,500 reviews. This is pretty indicative that many travelers are happy with their Topdeck tours!

Is Topdeck better than Contiki?

Generally speaking, the main difference in locations offered is that Contiki can take you to Latin America while Topdeck instead offers trips to the Middle East and Africa.

Who started Topdeck tours?

FLT founders Graham Turner and Geoff Lomas started Topdeck in 1973 with a 1958 old London double-decker bus. Mr Turner ran both Topdeck and FLT, until the mid-1980s before selling out. He bought back into Topdeck in 2003 and prior to this latest acquisition held a 4% stake.

What does top decking mean?

Top deck is a card-game slang term that typically refers to the card that has just been drawn from the top of the deck. … Top-decking is one of the strongest instances of RNG in Hearthstone, since a strong top-deck can often win the game, while a poor top-deck can lose it.

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Does Topdeck have an age limit?

Group size, age requirements and travel styles

Topdeck offers tours for travellers up to 39 years old. Topdeck’s average group size ranges between 20-48 individuals depending on the tour. Their travel styles differ slightly based on the accommodation style, destination and tour highlights.

Does Contiki have an age limit?

Contiki only accommodates travelers aged 18-35 years for their trips. Even their tours primarily cater to the young crowd with more emphasis on partying, nightlife, and socializing. That said, assuming you’re under 35, when you think about it, the age limit is actually useful.

What is the average age of the Contiki travel?

The average age of Contiki travellers is 26-years-old.

According to Berry, many travel consultants think the average age skews from 18-22 and as such, they don’t believe they have the demographic to sell the product.

Who owns Topdeck?

On Wednesday, Flight Centre announced the purchase of UK-based Topdeck Tours, a company co-founded by Mr Turner focused on tours for 18 to 30-somethings. Flight Centre will buy 90 per cent of Topdeck in a deal that values the tour operator at a minimum of £21.84 million ($38.8 million).

Where is Topdeck based?

Company Description: TOP DECK TOURS LIMITED is located in LONDON, United Kingdom and is part of the Other Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation Industry.

Is Topdeck Australian?

Topdeck Travel is a tour operator providing trips for people aged 18 to 39 throughout Europe, North America, Africa, Egypt and the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Topdeck offers 330 different tours in 65 countries.

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What is top decking MTG?

Topdeck may refer to: a slang term used when one “gets lucky” right when one needs it, many times by drawing a card right when you need it. This is also known as a “mise” or “rip”. a term used for putting a card on top of your library from somewhere else (usually your graveyard or elsewhere in your library).

What is top decking in Yugioh?

Top-Decking is the condition where a player is at a large disadvantage, such as having no cards on the field or in their hand, and draws a card that ends up turning the tables in their favor, usually for a game win.