Can you work part time in Japan with a work visa?

Apart from international students, those working holiday visa and dependent visa holders can also work part-time for not more than 28 hours per week. There are several jobs from different industries you can apply to in Japan. Some of them will not check your educational background or ask for related working experience.

Can you do a part-time job with work visa?

Those on dependent visas can also apply for permission to work part-time. … Those with specialized visas can work part-time jobs as long as it remains within the scope of their visa. For example, someone holding an Engineer/Specialist in Humanities visa won’t be able to work in a restaurant.

Can a foreigner work part-time in Japan?

There are some limitations to get part-time jobs in Japan as a foreigner. … However, if your visa status is “College Student” or “Dependent”, you can get a part-time job as holding “Permission for part-time job”. In other words, you are not allowed to work unless you receive the permission.

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How do I get permission to work part-time in Japan?

Work in Japan with a student visa

  1. Go to the immigration website and download the request for exemption document.
  2. Fill out the document.
  3. They will ask you for your passport and your foreign resident card.
  4. Return the file to the Immigration Office.
  5. Once obtained, you will be allowed to work a maximum of 28 hours per week.

Can you work part-time in Japan?


It is estimated that more than 75% of foreign students get part-time jobs in Japan. Student have the option to work while studying (on limited hours). You may want to consider finding a part-time job or “arbeit” (アルバイト arubaito).

How does part-time job work in Japan?

1. Apply for permission to engage in activities other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted at the nearest immigration services bureau. 2. The part-time work does not affect your studies.

Are there jobs in Japan for foreigners?

With the proper degrees and a bit of experience under your belt, you can find a job in Japan almost anywhere. But there are some jobs that seem to attract more foreign workers than any others. Check out some of the most popular ones here.

Is it hard to get a part time job in Japan?

It takes a little effort to get a part-time job in Japan, but with a student visa and a little bit of elbow grease, the experience pays off tenfold. It is one thing to learn in the classroom (and it’s still very important!), but it’s another to actually use those learned skills in the outside world.

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What part time jobs pay in Japan?

Moreover, according to An, a magazine about part-time jobs, the nationwide average hourly wage for part-time jobs is 1,035 yen. The hourly wage is in the range of 900 to 1,100 yen for convenience stores and restaurants, which are popular part-time jobs among foreign students.

What is the minimum salary in Japan?

In 2020, the national minimum wage in Japan remained fixed at €1,280.7 per month, that is 15,368 euros per year, taking into account 12 payments per year.

The national minimum wage increase in Japan.

Date Nat. Curr. NMW
2019 152,663.3
2020 156,173.3
2021 156,173.3

Is it difficult to get a work visa in Japan?

Types of Work Visas for Japan

It is difficult to obtain a work visa for jobs that do not require special expertise. The second most common type of qualification after technical training is the Engineer/Specialist in humanities/International services qualification.

What happens if you work illegally in Japan?

Illegal employment is prohibited by law. Not only will the foreigner receive harsh penalty, but the employer that has allowed the foreigner to work illegally will be subject to severe penalty such as imprisonment for up to 3 years or a fine of up to 3 million yen.

Can I work in Japan without a degree?

In short, it is 100% possible to find work in Japan without a degree. … As long as you can prove this to the Japanese government with the correct paperwork, you are eligible for that specific visa (you can read more on the details of this visa here.)

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