Frequent question: How do local communities benefit from community based tourism in Thailand?

How do local communities benefit from community based tourism?

Community-based tourism provides opportunities for local people to bring in income and also to introduce their culture to visitors. … CBT can allow local communities to diversify their income, meaning that there is more economic opportunity and that people are less at risk financially.

How do community members benefit from the tourism industry?

Furthermore, Tosun [3] asserts that apart from being instrumental in tourism sustainability, community participation also ensures that a number of benefits accrue from tourism, namely: employment opportunities for local people, positive local attitudes, conservation of local resources and physical development within …

What is the purpose of community based tourism?

Community based tourism affords the inhabitants of the region to become tour guides and provide services to visitors. It also provides communities with an opportunity to play a role in generating movement in the elements of production and exchange of goods and services in a given region.

How beneficial is CBT or community based tourism?

In practice, CBT fulfills what tourists are seeking by allowing them to understand and learn about community culture and traditional lifestyles and to interact with resources of the communities. In the meantime, this event generates income for the communities and also generates tourism income for the communities.

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What is community based tourism?

Community-Based Tourism is those small projects that are put in place in the villages around the national park or within the park to benefit the local people.

How can local businesses benefits tourism?

Tourism offers a consistent and predictable flow of income into a country or region, which can be relied upon by small businesses. Local tourism helps to alleviate issues of a suffering industry such as the travel industry, which can help the country’s economy and can act as a safety net for newer businesses.

How does tourism contribute to local development?

Tourism contributes to the economic development of tourist areas at three levels, which are income generation, jobs and tax revenues. In addition, it enlarges the production base of these regions and also affects the development of other sectors of the local economy (Critikos G., 2012).

What is impact of community-based tourism?

A survey by Nazgul Jenish has noted that in 2016 around 10,000 foreign tourists are served per year by the CBT groups. Another study argues that the communities benefit from other indirect impacts such as improved infrastructure, environmental awareness, and cultural preservation.