How important is the English language in terms of tourism?

Having good English communication skills enables tourism workers, to engage themselves with tourists in various business transactions and tourism activities. This is why all tourism practitioners are urged to continuously enhance their English skills.

What is the importance of language in tourism industry?

Communication in tourism becomes above all an aspirational language. More than telling a story, talking about a place, it is selling a product and making communication come to life. This idea is the reason why people travel to a destination and also the reason why they return.

Why is English so important for business for tourism?

English is the language of diplomacy, science, aviation, computers and tourism. … In Thailand, English is used as a foreign language but plays an important role in businesses that aspire to perform better in a global context, and for their employees who seek professional advancement.

Why is excellent English grammar important in the tourism and hospitality industry?

Communication skills are an important element of hospitality industry. … Good English communication during the study will add value to students’ education. According to that fact the hospitality program itself will encourage critical thinking and for example tourism problem solving when it is necessary.

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Why is English so important in the service industry?

As English is the language of the globalized business world, effective and excellent communication and adequate English language competency is essential for better guest experience and hence better efficiency, productivity and , in the long run, profitability of the industry.

How does language impact the tourism professional?

The language choice and proficiency provide confidence to the staff member bearing a lot of impact on guest satisfaction. If you are not able to relate to your customer, to understand their needs, and to have a mutual dialogue, your business is dead.

What is tourism language?

Language tourism is defined as a study abroad experience that includes activities that heighten the language learning process and include culturally oriented activities (Bergin, 1992; Wissot, 1970).

Why is communication important in tourism and hospitality industry?

Excellent communication skills can enhance a guests experience as it shows that you are listening to them, valuing their feedback and conveying clear messages. This can lead to customer loyalty, increased business and eventually the hotel becoming more successful.

Why is it important to learn different languages if you are working in hospitality and tourism industry?

Mastering various English language skills is essential for people working in the tourism sector as it is the means for communicating with tourists and understanding cultural differences, and for increasing employees’ job opportunities in this international industry [12] .

Why communication is important in tourism and hospitality industry how useful in your industry?

Excellent communication skills enhance guest experience as it conveys that you are listening to your guests, valuing their feedback and conveying clear messages. … Apart from communicating with the guests, your staff ought to know how to write emails.

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