How much money does Tunisia make from tourism?

Foreign exchange earnings from the tourism industry in Tunisia increased to around 5.6 billion Tunisian dinars (roughly two billion U.S. dollars) in 2019 compared to 4.1 billion Tunisian dinars (1.47 billion U.S. dollars) the previous year.

How much does Tunisia make from tourism?

The tourism sector now represents 6.5% of Tunisia’s GDP and provides 340,000 jobs of which 85,000 are direct jobs or 11.5% of the working population with a high share of seasonal employment.

What percentage of Tunisia’s GDP is from tourism?

The tourism sector, which accounts for 5% of GDP and a significant share of employment, has been particularly affected, with an unprecedented decline in visitor numbers since April, and worrisome prospects going forward.

How many tourists visited Tunisia in 2020?

Tourist Arrivals in Tunisia averaged 5287.51 Thousand from 1990 until 2020, reaching an all time high of 9500 Thousand in 2019 and a record low of 2000 Thousand in 2020.

Why has tourism grown in Tunisia?

In most other countries conditions for the develop- ment of tourism were very unfavourable due to political conflicts, war and civil fighting. Tunisia has been consistently in a position to profit from this situation as an island of calm and stability.

Why Tunisia is famous for?

Tunisia is perhaps most famous for its wide array of historical attractions, including the ancient city of Carthage in Tunis, and the huge Amphitheater of El Jem near Sousse, which show off the influences of various civilizations that have settled in the country over the years. …

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What currency is in Tunisia?

The Center-Eastern region of Tunisia counted a total of 243 hotels in 2019, the highest number in the country. With the cities of Sfax, Monastir, and Sousse, the region includes some of the leading touristic destinations in the country. The South-Eastern region followed with 177 hotels as of the same year.

Is Tunisia safe for tourists?

While much of Tunisia is safe to visit now, including the capital Tunis and much of the north of the country, much of the south and the western border is still considered dangerous for tourist travel, because of terrorism or military operations.

What language do they speak in Tunisia?

Sustainability and competitiveness of tourism is vital to the sustainable development approach pursued by Tunisia. Nowadays tourism is no longer the impasse and in need of making constructive use of strategic choices and optimal instruments for the conduct of the parties involved in the Tunisian tourism system.